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Not at school today…

     Why would I attempt school when I know today is already gunna be crappy? It’s not like I’m going to get into this routine where I skip school all the time, and never show up to class like all the useless stoners that roam the halls. I’m just taking a mental health / sick day for myself, to catch up one sleep, homework and studying. 

      You may ask yourself why today is so much more crappier than any other day? Well, today I know for a fact that in Science class, i.e Biology I’m going to be copying a ton of slides, that she wont be explaining a thing about. That’s a waste of energy, I could honestly just read the damn text book. Second, in Math class I have a Math test I don’t understand. Now I have the weekend to study for it, Procrastination to the maximum…I know. In third, were getting back our essays, and then our teacher wants to individually speak to all of us about them. I don’t need his negativity in my life, and even if I pulled off a good mark; I don’t like interacting with teachers. It’s unnecessary awkwardness. Lastly, I have Religion, where my ex-best-guy friend ignores my existence, while turning around talking to my seat buddy/mate/person beside me. Which, believe it or not is very uncomfortable, so I usually end up sleeping in that class.

     Overall, the day would still be crappy without the Math test and Essay hand outs, but I’m sick and not up to putting a happy attitude through it. I’ll be staying home, drinking coffee, figuring out Math, and watching “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”.

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